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Tax Cycle

In Jackson County, all residents will receive a summer tax bill. This bill is issued in July of the current year to those residents within a particular school district and/or city/village limit. All townships/villages will charge a penalty on a summer bill that is not paid by September 14th. On September 15th, interest begins to accumulate on any outstanding balances at 1% per month until paid in full.

There is also a winter tax bill that is issued in December. All taxes are due to the local unit by February 14th. Additional penalties may be incurred between February 15th and February 28th. Please contact your local township for their individual policy.

Any amount not paid by the last day in February will be considered delinquent and forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection. Therefore, any payment on a delinquent tax must be made to the Jackson County Treasurer's Office.

Please be advised that any delinquent bill will be charged a 4% penalty and 1% interest for the first month of delinquency. Every month there after will receive 1% per month. Taxes remaining delinquent for over a one year period will incur a higher interest rate along with additional fees.

It is your responsibility, as a property owner, to notify your local township/city if you are not receiving a tax bill.

Please note the City of Jackson has different tax deadlines than the County and Townships. Summer property tax bills can be paid either in full by July 31st or in five installments by the 20th of the month starting in July through November. Winter tax bills are payable in full from December 1st through February 14th.
For more information regarding the City of Jackson property taxes, please visit the website at this address: http://www.cityofjackson.org/departments/treasurer/treasurer.asp

For a listing of Treasurers of Jackson County, including Townships and Villages, visit the website at this address:

If you have any other questions contact the Jackson County Treasurers Office at (517) 788-4418.


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